Monday, January 20, 2014

MindStir Media Reviews (Video) - Paula Wiseman, Bestselling Author

“No matter where you are in your creative process, MindStir Media’s ready to partner with you to meet your publishing goals. Here’s what you get when you partner with MindStir Media: First of all, you get quality. Your editing will be thorough, your interior design will enhance the readability of your text, and your cover will be attractively designed and will capture the essence of your story in a way that will persuade potential readers to give it a second look. Second of all, you get value. MindStir offers a wide variety of publishing packages and will work with you to ensure you get all the services you need and none that you don’t — all at a price that puts full-service publishing well within reach. Finally, you get control. From start to finish, you call all the shots and you retain all the rights to your work. When you couple that quality, value and artistic control with the experience MindStir has gained in this ever-changing landscape — and solid advice on building your audience — you can’t go wrong. I’m a writer and by partnering with MindStir Media, I can entrust my book’s production to their professionals with confidence and get back to delivering the best story I can. And I’m sure they can help you too. Give them a call. Your book is waiting.” self publishing company

Saturday, January 18, 2014

MindStir Media Facebook Reaches Over 9 Million in 2013

As the president and founder of book publisher MindStir Media, I have access to Facebook Insights for the MindStir Media Facebook page. It’s been a lot of fun watching the page grow throughout the years. I’m so incredibly pleased to announce — both here and on Facebook (as a milestone) — that the page saw a ‘total reach’ of over 9 million Facebook users in 2013.

The original article was published at the MindStir Media blog. self publishing company

Friday, January 10, 2014

MindStir Media Partners With #1 Christian Writers Site to Publish Christian Inspirational Book

In case you don't know, is the #1 website for Christian writers, with over 64,000 members worldwide and growing. It's been helping Christian writers and spreading the Gospel for around a decade. It's known as an "encouraging community of Christian writers ... A great place to learn and grow in a safe, caring environment..."

Christian book publisher MindStir Media recently teamed up with to create an inspirational book, Trials and Triumphs: Hope Beyond Circumstances: 40 Life-Changing Testimonials, through which Faithwriters intends to share the hope of Jesus. The stories included in the book come from the winners of a recent contest hosted at The top 40 stories were chosen for inclusion in the book. Christian book publishing is MindStir's specialty, so this publishing partnership is a perfect fit. Trials and Triumphs is scheduled to be released by the end of January 2014. It'll be available at, and other fine retailers worldwide.

Update: The book is now available. See the MindStir Media press release here. Top Self Publishing Company