Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review from MindStir Media author Therese Grant

“The book proof arrived today and it really looks great! Maria came to my house and we give this a “good to go to print” thumbs up!
Please give the team a big thank you from me and Maria. We would not consider going anywhere else to have our work published. Everyone at MindStir Media involved with the publication of our book treated us like we were the only clients. The attention to detail, patience, kind replies to our endless emails and quick responses were very much appreciated.
Maria and I look forward to working with you and the team on “The Long Ride,” the next book in our series.”

Review from MindStir Media author Katelyn Medlin

Katelyn has been great to work with and recently she sent us a very kind email with regards to the full cover design that we created for her: "Wow! I am blown away… This looks amazing! I am just so happy that it’s all finally coming together. Thank you so so much for all your work. It’s greatly appreciated."

Katelyn Medlin's book, Rusty to the Rescue, will be released this month (November). It'll be available at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and other fine retailers worldwide.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review for MindStir Media - from author Elizabeth Eckel

MindStir Media Christmas book
Update 11/3/15: This book is now available to purchase!

Elizabeth Eckel is working with her daughter, Diana Mooremeans, to publish The Ornament’s Story. A short time ago they received the final electronic proof for the layout design of the children’s book. Diana chimed in and said, “It’s just wonderful! Let’s go forward with it to be published! Thank you for all of your help. Have a great day.” She has since received the printed proof. The book will be published by MindStir Media and available in time for holiday purchases. 
This author published another book with MindStir Media in December 2014 as well. It’s entitled The Christmas Tree.

Friday, September 18, 2015

New Review from MindStir Media author Harold McAdams

Harold approached MINDSTIR MEDIA LLC earlier in 2015 with a children's book idea and text but needed help finding a children's book illustrator who could take his concept from an idea to an actual fleshed out book with full-blown illustrations. The end result was Alvin Stops the Bully, a fantastic children's picture book with a great lesson. Here's what Harold had to say about working with MINDSTIR MEDIA LLC:

“J.J. Hebert, President at MindStir Media and talented staff at MindStir Media: Vision, Leadership and Professional… I am very pleased and happy with your services…
My manuscript, Alvin Stops the Bully: An idea came to me, I wrote it down, and then I re-wrote it. I balled it up and threw it away, until I decided to go ahead … and send it in. I was so hesitant while I was writing to say that “I am writing a book”… Thank you all for believing in my work.” 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

MindStir Media author Tanja Huston explains her experience publishing with MindStir

Tanja Huston contacted us here at MindStir Media earlier this year and told us that she needed help illustrating and publishing her children's picture book. We quickly assigned a MindStir Media illustrator to her and her book and within a few months she had her book in hand. Juju's Big Surprise was recently released by MindStir Media. 

“The entire process of self-publishing was my first rodeo.  Mindstir Media was nothing less than exceptional.  Their team of professional, skilled and friendly staff was evident from beginning to end.  We collaborated so well during the illustration process and the timely, ongoing communication helped move by book way ahead of its anticipated completion date.  Overall, I am extremely pleased with my first book.”  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Jerri Busick - MindStir Media children's book author review

jerri busick

“We received our book and we are very “HAPPY.” We approve of the hard copy and very excited for it to go into print.”
Jerri Busick, co-author of Puddles My Pet Duck

M. Robert Neuman (Mindstir Media author) children's book publishing review


“Really wonderful.  I love it and thanks to you and Kathy and Samantha.” 
M. Robert Neuman commending his MindStir project manager, designer and illustrator on his latest MindStir published book, Merry Christmas from the Big Guy, the Rabbit and the Fairy

Diana Mooremeans/Elizabeth Furman Eckel - MindStir Media author review

christmas tree
Diana Mooremeans approached us in 2014 to have us help her publish her mother’s Christmas book. Her mom is author Elizabeth Furman Eckel.
“Thanks Miranda for all of your efforts. My mom loves the hardcover proof! What a beautiful job MindStir Media did!”
Diana Mooremeans, on behalf of Elizabeth Furman Eckel, author of The Christmas Tree

MindStir Media author Dionne Bell Offers Review

dionneReferring to the full book cover design: “Please forgive me for sounding corny, but I’m actually in TEARS right now.  The wrap-around is absolutely amazing!!! I love it!”
And then, later on in the self-publishing process: “I received the printed copy of Golden Choices on Tuesday evening.  It looks wonderful.”
Dionne Bell, author of Golden Choices

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Volker Fremuth Mindstir Media author

“The printed proof of the book arrived last Friday! I am very excited. I think it looks good.”
Volker Fremuth, author of THE WORKSHOP

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mindstir Media author Vanessa Lagera


“Dear Miranda and team, THANK YOU SO MUCH for designing a beautiful cover. I like it a lot!”
Vanessa Lagera, author of My Health Organizer

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lynn Rosenblatt, MindStir Media children's book author and artist

10919010_10203651234458545_5959254525237097821_n“It is with great pride and pleasure that I send this testimonial and acknowledgment to the staff of MINDSTIR MEDIA, with a special “Thank You” to President, J.J. Hebert for his professional availability and consultation!  As the designer of the children’s book,ROCKIN’-ROLLIN’ ALPHABET, it was crucial to have vibrant color and print ~ the quality was superb ~The “teddy bears” thank you!!  The Author Representatives and Graphics Designers were extremely caring and helpful with all my needs for detailed artwork, revisions to text, and Media/marketing advice and connections. I highly recommend MINDSTIR MEDIA to any budding author in need of a professional publisher! My visual artistic dream is ready for the world to see!”
Lynn Rosenblatt, author of Rockin’-Rollin’ Alphabet