Friday, September 18, 2015

New Review from MindStir Media author Harold McAdams

Harold approached MINDSTIR MEDIA LLC earlier in 2015 with a children's book idea and text but needed help finding a children's book illustrator who could take his concept from an idea to an actual fleshed out book with full-blown illustrations. The end result was Alvin Stops the Bully, a fantastic children's picture book with a great lesson. Here's what Harold had to say about working with MINDSTIR MEDIA LLC:

“J.J. Hebert, President at MindStir Media and talented staff at MindStir Media: Vision, Leadership and Professional… I am very pleased and happy with your services…
My manuscript, Alvin Stops the Bully: An idea came to me, I wrote it down, and then I re-wrote it. I balled it up and threw it away, until I decided to go ahead … and send it in. I was so hesitant while I was writing to say that “I am writing a book”… Thank you all for believing in my work.”