Monday, May 12, 2014

Reputable and Legitimate - MindStir Media

From time to time an author will ask me what makes MindStir Media reputable or how can they know MindStir Media is legitimate. Those are valid concerns. There are certainly a lot of companies out there that don't have a good reputation and/or don't follow the laws or rules.

When a possible client asks for proof of MindStir Media being a reputable company, I almost always point the client to the reviews from MindStir Media authors, our actual clients. Those current clients took the time to write descriptive positive reviews and I do believe that the reviews accurately depict how the majority of our authors feel about working with MindStir. We have an overall fantastic reputation in the self publishing world.

Relating to MindStir's legitimacy: MindStir pays all owed taxes, pays all author royalties, publishes all books under contract, and follows all local and federal laws. MindStir's publishing contracts are very straightforward and explain exactly what authors will receive for their hard-earned money. We strive for transparency at every level. Not every self publishing company can say this!

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