Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets reviewed by The US Review of Books

Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets, published by Mindstir Media (2017) and written by K.J. Blocker, received high praise from The US Review of Books recently: 
RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books:
The magical mine creatures will no doubt fascinate children. Older readers may well be reminded of the Munchkins from The Wizard Of Oz. Plus Jimmy's bug pal may well have parents reliving their own moments with Walt Disney's Jiminy Cricket ... Morals are abound in Blocker's book. The virtues of honesty, loyalty, friendship, and belief in one another take center stage with the all-encompassing value of love. His is a story meant to teach as well as entertain ... For both the young and the young at heart, Treasure Of The Magical Mine Moppets is a fun and family-friendly adventure.
The book has also received its share of positive reviews at, including this 5-star review from Lillian:

 "I wasn't sure what to expect from K.J. Blocker's book. The title and old-fashioned cover instantly brought back the childhood idea of Fraggles, but this book was far from that imaginary world of my childhood. However, it was a still a pure delight to read. As the mother of two middle-school daughters, I read a lot of books to my children. It is truly unique to find a modern book that delves deeply into realistic situations while remaining light, fun and magical.

Above the ground, the book focuses on a central family that faces the challenges faced by many families. The father, Tom, worries and works hard to provide for his family. His wife and son, Jimmy, feel his absence. His father, Pappy, also has problems. The family together faces a villain straight from a staged melodrama and intent on taking away their family farm. Underneath their farm is the magical world of Moppets. Although they are mystical, iridescent little creatures, they too face their own problems.

What I enjoyed most about the Treasure of the Magical Mine Moppets is the unique interpretation on a classic good versus evil storyline. Everything is over the top stereotypical, which I find appeals vividly to young minds. Underneath it all is a reminder of the basic values we should all seek -- kindness, friendship, perseverance and integrity. The book entertains and teaches at the same time. The beautiful illustrations combine with the vivid writing to create a true classic for your children's library."

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