Thursday, September 5, 2013

MindStir Media Customer Review - William May, Author and Retired Police Chief

William May came to me in 2012 with his manuscript, Once Upon a Crisis. He had published his first book with another self-publishing company in the past and wasn't really pleased with the results. This time he published via book publisher MindStir Media and was so pleased by the experience, he decided to provide this rave review:

“For me, writing the book — Once Upon a Crisis — was the easy part. Choosing the right publisher was far more difficult. I was fortunate that I chose MindStir Media to publish [this] second book. The printing process in today’s world of self publishing is pretty straight forward, but what has significantly changed within the past eighteen months is how a book becomes known in the marketplace. You can write the best book ever but if your audience doesn’t find your book among the thousands that are out there, it won’t sell. MindStir uses social media marketing technology and techniques to help you achieve success. The short of all this is you engage your readers so they seek out your book. The market place has changed considerably, and fortunately for me, I chose a publisher that has changed with it. The best decision I made about writing Once Upon a Crisis was choosing MindStir Media to publish it. My only regret is that I didn’t publish my first book with them.”

Mr. May's book has done very well, especially on where he has accumulated 19 reviews with a 4.9 out of 5.0 overall rating. Once Upon a Crisis also received a favorable review from The Midwest Book Review, which praised the book as "a vital read on PTSD, Once Upon a Crisis brings light to very important topics, highly recommended." William has been featured on Fitchburg Access Television; WBZ radio talk show "NightSide"; WPCR 91.7FM out of Port Clinton, OH; WPKZ radio talk show "The Daily Pulse"; and will even be facilitating a class entitled "So You Want to Write a Book" via Fitchburg State University's ALFA Program. Top Self Publishing Company

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